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Broadleafed Shrubs:

Spots/Blotches: Cottony Camellia Scale

Cottony Camellia Scale Picture

Cottony Camellia Scale

Cottony camellia scale is a soft scale that feeds on camellia, holly, yew, euonymus and maple. It is also reported on beautyberry, jasmine, mulberry, and hydrangea. Adult females are about 1/8 inch long, oval and yellowish tan with a brown margin. They lay white cottony ovisacs (eggmasses) on the undersides of leaves in May. Crawlers hatch through June and remain on the undersides of the leaves through winter. Heavy infestations in the spring may cause the leaves to turn light green. Honeydew and sooty mold are the primary problem caused by this insect. If infestations are heavy and sooty mold is objectionable, spray horticultural oil in the dormant season. During the growing season use horticultural soap or oil to conserve beneficials. (For more information on beneficial insects visit the Beneficals section of this web site.)

Keywords: cottony camellia scale, raised blotches on leaves, white stuff on underside of leaves, camellia, holly

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